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Good recipes for making slime include the borax-based recipe from Steve Spangler Science and liquid starch slime from the Little Bins for Little Hands blog. Many homemade slime recipes call for borax, which may be a safety concern if the slime is for young children. Liquid starch-based recipes, such


The ingredients needed to make homemade goopy slime are cornstarch, water and a coloring agent. Washable kid's paint or food coloring can be used as the coloring agent.


According to Microbe World, slime molds live in areas with food, moisture and natural light. However, they are mostly found in forests. Slime molds live as single organisms or in large communities of multiple organisms.


Slime molds move through cytoplasmic streaming where protein-rich material called micro-filaments, provide the means of locomotion and control mechanism that enables these organisms to move in a certain direction. Slime molds have been observed to move at speeds of 0.04 of an inch per hour.


Slime is sticky, ropey and viscous. An inorganic slime is typically a thin gluey kind of mud with a high water and clay content. Organic slimes are either animal or vegetal in origin.


Most commonly found outdoors in garden areas and flower beds, yellow slime mold is a fungus that thrives in mulch and thick grass clippings. Resembling the regurgitated contents of a dog's stomach, the unsavory mold has no plant or animal classification. It is a primitive, single-celled organism.


Meatballs, broccoli cheese soup, taco bake and chicken salad are four easy recipes that only use five ingredients. The chicken salad is ready in under 10 minutes, whereas the taco bake recipe requires 50 minutes of preparation and cooking time.


According to the University of Wisconsin, slime molds reproduce by producing spores. When conditions are right, slime molds create vertical structures that serve to hold and eventually release the spores. Sometimes, these stalks are shaped like lollipops; however, they may be shaped more simply in o


There are a variety of recipes that only require four ingredients, ranging from blueberry pancakes to beef stir fry. Many of the recipes can be made in 20 minutes or less.


Chili dog casserole, peanut butter cookies, macaroni and cheese and tumbleweeds are four easy recipes that use three or four ingredients. The chili dog casserole and tumbleweeds have four ingredients, whereas the peanut butter cookies and macaroni and cheese have three.