Easy side dish recipes for Thanksgiving dinner include cornbread stuffing, basic stuffing, green beans and mushrooms, sweet potato casserole, and congealed cranberry salad. These recipes use ingredients that are readily ... More »

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Baked apple chicken, chicken curry and apple pork chops are easy apple dishes for dinner. The chicken curry and apple pork chop recipes do not require oven baking, while the baked apple chicken recipe has the fewest numb... More »

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Kraft Recipes' snap pea salad and Martha Stewart's hoisin-glazed eggplant and sauteed spinach with pancetta are three quick and easy side dishes. These vegetable-based dishes require minimal cooking. More »

Some popular Thanksgiving stuffing recipes are Awesome Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing and Slow Cooker Stuffing. Some other good recipes include Butternut Squash and Wild Mushroom Stuffing, Cranberry and Walnut Stu... More »

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Some side dish recipes for a rib roast dinner are horseradish mashed potatoes and roasted white potatoes and asparagus. Food Network offers both recipes as part of complete rib roast dinner recipes. More »

This cheesy Brussels sprouts casserole makes a delicious side dish, and is good for you as well. In fact, Brussels sprouts rate among the top 20 most nutritious foods. They decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes and hear... More »

Quick and easy casseroles often include meat, rice, pasta, cheese and vegetables and vary depending on whether the dish is being served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Food Network, Kraft and Fooducate all offer reci... More »

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