To make peanut brittle in the microwave, sugar, corn syrup and salt are combined and microwaved before adding peanuts and butter and microwaving again. Baking soda and vanilla extract are added to the mixture before allo... More » Food Cooking Desserts

Make peanut brittle in the microwave by cooking the peanut and syrup mixture until it turns golden and thick. Stir in the final ingredients and spread the candy on a parchment-lined baking sheet to cool. Microwaving pean... More » Food Cooking Nuts & Grains

Some easy Christmas candy recipes include peppermint brittle and peanut brittle. To make peppermint brittle, heat 2 pounds of white chocolate until it melts in a microwave set to medium, approximately five to six minutes... More » Food Cooking Desserts

A peanut brittle recipe from Betty Crocker uses 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, 1 1/2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of corn syrup and 3 tablespoons of butter, as well as 1 pound of unroasted shelled peanuts... More » Food Cooking Desserts

Betty Crocker has a simple and easy-to-follow recipe for peanut brittle made with unroasted peanuts. The recipe takes two hours to prepare and cook; it makes 72 servings. More » Food Cooking Desserts

To make old-fashioned peanut brittle, gather granulated sugar, water, light corn syrup, butter and roasted peanuts. The recipe also calls for baking soda and a candy thermometer. More » Food Cooking Desserts

To make peanut patty candy, boil corn syrup and peanuts, add seasonings and food coloring, let the syrup cool and drop it onto waxed paper. Wrap the candies in waxed paper, and eat them within seven days. More » Food Cooking Desserts