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Homemade cookie butter may contain caramelized biscuit cookies, light brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and molasses. One home recipe calls for only four ingredients: cookies, vegetable oil, water and powdered sugar. This recipe suggests using crumbly types of cookies, such as biscuits or sugar cookies


Two easy-to-make cook recipes requiring only three ingredients are peanut butter cookies and butter cookies. Both of these recipes require three ingredients and a few simple steps to execute true home-baked cookies. Pillsbury offers recipes requiring only three ingredients, one of which is Pillsbury


Nearly 100 percent of the cost of baking cookies comes from the ingredients used to make the cookie dough. A very small, almost immeasurable part of the cost comes from the energy used to bake the cookies.


Common ingredients in cake-mix cookies include cooking oil or butter, milk or water, sugar or honey, eggs and the cake mix. Depending on the type of cookie, the recipe may call for chocolate chips, marshmallows or flavoring extract.


Oreo cookies have the following ingredients: sugar, unbleached enriched flour, high oleic canola and palm oil, cocoa, high fructose corn syrup, leavening, cornstarch, salt, soy lecithin, vanillin and chocolate. A serving size of three cookies has 160 calories and 25 grams of carbohydrates.


The ingredient list for Hungarian cookies includes flour and butter. Depending on the particular type of cookie, recipes may also call for sugar, salt, vanilla extract, egg or pastry filling. Some call for jam, cream cheese, almonds or pecans.


Common ingredients found in magic cookie bar recipes include graham cracker crumbs, butter, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips and flaked coconut. The original recipe also includes chopped nuts, such as pecans or walnuts. Recipe variations may add butterscotch morsels, peanut butter chips, wh


The vanilla shortbread cookie recipe from Epicurious and the lemon meltaway cookie recipe from MyRecipes are examples of cookie recipes that include cornstarch as an ingredient. Both recipes are highly rated and easy to follow.


An easy cookie recipe uses any flavor packaged cake mix, 2 eggs and 1/3 to 1/2 cup oil, along with any flavorings desired. Bake the cookies for about eight to 10 minutes in an oven preheated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.


Recipes for easy to make cookies can be found at food sites such as Betty Crocker, Allrecipes.com and Real Simple. These sites feature recipes for cookie favorites, including chocolate chip cookies, which many people love. Other easy cookies to make are peanut butter and sugar cookies.