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Some of the easiest dog breeds to own are the ones that are easy-going and outgoing, like the beagle. The breed’s AKC profile characterizes these dogs as “merry,” “friendly,” and ...


Top 20 Best Dog Breeds to Own for 2019. Thinking about owning a dog? Owning a dog comes with a great deal of responsibility. There are dozens of factors that come into play when choosing the right dog breed for your home. So what’s the best breed to own? Here is a list of some of the best dog breeds to own for 2019.


The lovable Lab has been a favorite breed in the U.S. for more than 20 years, and it would appear that vets agree with this choice, naming him the No. 3 best breed for new dog owners. This friendly breed is a popular choice for service and therapy dogs, and his athleticism makes him an excellent hunting dog and canine athlete.


When choosing a dog, select one that best fits your personality and lifestyle. According to the American Kennel Association (AKC), certain breeds are more popular than others based on annual registration statistics. In 2009 the AKC reported that protective dogs dominated the top five rankings of most popular dog breeds.


When it comes to dogs that are particularly easy to train, the list is rather lengthy, and with good reason. There are a lot of smart dog breeds out there! Searches across the web can deliver a surprising variety of breeds. Below is a concise list of the top ten easiest dog breeds to train.


There is really no way to answer that, I think. What is a great breed to own for one person isn't necessarily a great dog for someone else. Someone who is fit and active and always on the go might tell you they love Kelpies or Border Collies, because these are high energy breeds that make a perfect running buddy.


What are the best dog breeds to own? Breed all about it! The discussion about what are the best dog breeds to own brings up a wide variety of views. Almost everyone has an opinion, and of course as a dog behaviorist I always find it fascinating to hear about everyone’s different experiences with the various dog breeds.


Listed below are 16 of the best dog breeds that senior citizens should consider to liven up the home. 1. Beagle. If you are in the search for a dog with longevity and who is playful and pretty basic when it comes to daily caring, this dog breed is a great choice. Once considered to be a watch dog, the beagle is known for its loud bark and howl.


The 11 best dog breeds ranked on categories such as personality, health, and popularity. The 11 best dog breeds ranked on categories such as personality, health, and popularity.


If you’re looking for a family dog or a pup who digs your laid-back lifestyle, then considering easy-going dog breeds is a must. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but most calm dog breeds offer less potential for behavior problems. As a certified animal behavior consultant, I routinely council pet parents about doggy personalities and breed tendencies.