The earthworm does not have a heart. The organ in an earthworm that acts as a heart is called the aortic arch. An earthworm has five aortic arches. More » Science Biology Zoology

An earthworm has five aortic arches, each functioning similarly to a heart. The aortic arches have the purpose of pumping blood through the dorsal and ventral blood vessels. The dorsal blood vessel carries blood to the f... More »

The aortic arches serve as a heart in an earthworm's circulatory system. There are five pairs of aortic arches, located near the head of the earthworm, that function much like a human heart. More » Pets & Animals Bugs Worms

There are over 180 species of earthworms in the United States and Canada, but only 60 of these are native to the area. Settlers brought many of the species to improve the soil, although earthworms are not always benefici... More » Science Biology Zoology

Earthworms belong to phylum annelida. This phylum is part of the animal kingdom and includes marine, freshwater and terrestrial worms in addition to leeches. More »

Animals that live underground include earthworms, moles, blind salamanders, groundhogs, aardvarks and ants. Some underground animals regularly come to the surface in search of food and nest materials. Others remain under... More » Science Biology Zoology

Many cephalopods (including squids and octopuses) have three hearts, while earthworms have five hearts and hagfish have four. An operation exists in which a surgeon can put an additional heart into a human that can suppl... More »