One interesting Earth fact that kids should know is that Earth is the only planet with an atmosphere that contains 21 percent oxygen. It is also the only planet known to contain life. The Earth is the third planet from t... More »

Water covers about 70 percent of the surface of the earth, and the largest concentrations of it are in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Water also makes up a large percentage of the composition of the human body.... More » Education

Stars are generally between 1 billion and 10 billion years old. Some stars may even be as old as 13.8 billion, having formed around the time of the observed universe. The sun is the nearest star to Earth, with the star P... More » Art & Literature

Earth is unique in that scientists have found the planet to be the only one to have liquid water on its surface, intelligent life forms living on it, a moon that helps regulate surface temperatures, an atmosphere with 21... More »

One interesting fact about Earth is its status as the fifth planet in terms of size but the densest of all. It also ranks as the largest of the terrestrial planets in the solar system and the only one on which water exis... More » Science Earth Science

Earth is the only planet that has liquid water on its surface, it is 93 million miles from the sun, and the Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest of the oceans. Earth is a unique planet in the solar system. More » Science Earth Science

Earth is the only planet in the solar system not named after a Roman or Greek deity. The hottest recorded temperature is 136 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists believe that Earth once had two moons. The longest mountain rang... More »