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Kids Fun Facts Corner # 1. Earth tilts on an axis of 23.5 degrees. # 2. Earth has a powerful magnetic field that protects the planet from harmful elements from space. # 3. Earth has 1 moon. # 4. Earth doesn’t have any rings. # 5. The Earth is the densest planet in the solar system.


Earth’s core temperature is higher than the temperature on Sun’s surface. About 150.000 tons of meteoroids enter Earth’s atmosphere each year. It has 1 moon (Luna). Fun Earth Facts for Kids With Free Printables. Free Printable PDF with Earth Facts Reading the facts is one thing (and it can be sufficient if your kid is a reading type) but ...


Fun Facts about Earth for Kids. Earth is often called the ocean planet. Its surface is 70 percent water. The oceans help regulate the temperature of the planet and influence weather. The Earth has a molten inner core made of iron and other metals. Under the Earth’s crust are plates that slowly move against each other (Plate Tectonics).

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• Earth is the only planet with flowing water to drink and air to breathe • It takes the Earth 365 days to revolve around the sun • It takes the Earth 24 hours to rotate about the sun • Earth is close enough to the sun to keep it warm and far enough away to keep it cool • The third planet from the sun is Earth • Earth has one moon


Facts about Earth for Kids: The shape of the Earth is actually closer to a squashed sphere. It’s fatter in the middle near the equator where gravity pushes to create a bulge. Even though you might think you are standing still, the Earth is turning. The speed at the equator is around 1,000 mph. The Earth is also moving through the solar system ...


Calling all budding young space cadets! Join us as we head into the universe to discover ten fascinating facts about the Moon… 10 facts about the Moon. 1) The Moon is a dusty ball of rock, measuring 3,476km in diameter – that’s roughly a quarter of the size of Earth. 2) Its surface is home to mountains, huge craters and flat planes called ‘seas’ made of hardened lava.


Jupiter is the biggest planet in the Solar System with a diameter of 142,984 km.This is eleven times bigger than the diameter of Earth. The volume of Jupiter is 1,317 times the volume of Earth, in other words, 1,317 Earth-sized objects could fit inside it.. Jupiter has a mass of 1.8986×10 27 kg, or about 318 Earths.Jupiter is twice as massive as all the other planets in the Solar System put ...


Earth Facts. Check out our range of fun planet Earth facts for kids and find interesting information about our world, including facts related to volcanoes, earthquakes, minerals, structures, gas and much more. Children will love the cool trivia, did you know facts and other interesting Earth info that will help them learn a thing or two along ...


Complete Earth Facts For Kids that will help you in learning all the facts about the Earth that you want to know. Learn its definition, description, other names, meaning, characteristics, physical properties, its size, history, rotation, surface, composition, seven layers, statistics and many other interesting facts about the Earth.


Earth is the planet we live on. It is the third planet from the Sun.It is the only planet known to have life on it. The Earth formed around 4.5 billion years ago.It is one of four rocky planets on the inside of the Solar System.The other three are Mercury, Venus, and Mars.. The large mass of the Sun makes Earth move around it, just as the mass of Earth makes the moon move around it.