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Depending on the age of a child, Earth Day activities include making bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and seed; upcycling jars to make candle votives; and decorating old cans to hold buttons, coins or flowers. Planting flowers and trees is another way to commemorate Earth Day.


According to Universe Today, the duration of a day on Earth is the time it takes for the planet to complete a rotation around its axis. The Earth’s rotation takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds.


Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day. It was renamed officially by the U.N. in 2009 as International Mother Earth Day, and some schools and communities celebrate the day for an entire week. Also, the first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.


Great Earth Day games include treasure hunting, geocaching, recycle racing, crafting and planting. Recycle racing is a simple game in which groups of people clean up parks or public areas, making sure to divide recyclables from the trash that cannot be recycled. The person or group who collects the


"Parenting" magazine’s list of fun places to take kids includes amusement parks, farms, zoos, aquariums, sporting events and museums. "Philadelphia" magazine adds mini-golf, bowling, indoor rock-climbing and trampolining facilities as potential day-trip destinations for kids. "Kiplinger" also sugges


The Earth experiences days and nights as a result of the planet spinning on its axis. As the planet spins, the part that is facing the sun experiences day, while it is night for the part facing away from the sun.


Day and night on Earth are caused by the planet's rotation around its axis and its position relative to the Sun. The Earth rotates from west to east, so places further east experience daybreak and nightfall sooner. One hemisphere of Earth is in daylight at any given time.


National Kids Day is a special day created by the national children's charity KidPeace. The purpose of the day is to encourage adults to spend more quality time with children and to celebrate childhood. As of 2014, National Kids Day is celebrated on Aug. 3.


Kids need regular breaks from their studies during the day. Break periods that involve physical activity are best for kids because exercise stimulates brain activity. Kids are better able to focus and pay attention during school if they have short, energizing breaks in between their lessons. The clo


An example of a "question of the day" is: "If you could have any super power, such as invisibility or extreme strength, what super power would you choose?" Such questions serve as a discussion prompt to promote higher-level thinking skills, sharing and thoughtful conversation within a family, group