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Jupiter has no ability to support life, considering it is a planet made almost entirely of gas. Even if you could stand on the surface, the pressure would kill you.


Why Does Earth Support Life? Home Science Earth Science Earth supports life because it is the correct distance from the sun, its composition is rock, it has a molten core, it gains protection from its atmosphere and it has water.


activity) cannot support life. Also, when nutrients are spread so thin that they are hard to obtain, such as on a gas planet, life cannot exist. All solid planets & moons have the same general chemical makeup, so nutrients are present. Those with a water cycle or volcanic activity can transport and replenish the chemicals required by living ...


Author's Note: How many planets in our universe could support life? While some find the possibility of extraterrestrial life firmly in the category of unicorns and psychic powers, one can't help but be a little awed by the idea that Earth has about 50 sextillion chances to make a new friend.


Just as conditions on Earth have changed drastically over time, so have conditions on other planets. When astrobiologists evaluate a planet, they look not just at its current conditions, but for signs that it could have been habitable in the past. Liquid water leaves behind a kind of footprint.


We don't know what conditions are required for life, we only have our sort of life (carbon, DNA, cells) to go on, and even it crops up in some pretty extreme environments. The Earth is in the liquid water 'sweet-spot', but that may not be necessar...


Can Jupiter Support Life? Conditions of the planet Jupiter are not compatible with life as we know it. Winds on Jupiter range from 225 to 1000 mph, and temperatures are between 32 and -270 degrees Fahrenheit. Gravity and surface pressure on Jupiter are far greater than on Earth, and Jupiter's atmosphere is poisonous. ...


What Makes Earth So Perfect for Life? By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor | October 18, 2012 03:40pm ET MORE; This composite image uses a number of swaths of the Earth's surface taken on ...


Life on other Planets and Moons in the Solar System. At present the only planet or moon that is known to support life in The Solar System is Earth. It is not to say that life doesn't or ever existed on other planets and moons, its just we've not finished checking everywhere yet and have not found any evidence yet.


Life is able to exist on Earth because of a small number of reasons. It has the right climate, water is abundant, its air is breathable, it receives the perfect amount of energy from the Sun and is able to protect itself from the Sun's harmful rays and particles because of its atmosphere and magnetic field.