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Earth day 2020 is organised every year throughout the world. We have published this set of 8 questions on the earth day; this set is essential for various competitive exams to be held in India. 1. When is earth day observed?(a) 20 March(b) 22 April(c) 5 June(d) 24 SeptemberAnswer: (b) 22 AprilDescription: The Earth day is observed on 22 April… Read More »


World Earth Day Quiz Questions and Answers Let’s start the quiz. World Earth Day or Earth Day is an annual event celebrated all over the world together, which is celebrated on April day together. It was decided to celebrate this by accepting it in many countries globally.


Earth Day Quiz 2020, check important GK Questions and answers on nature Earth Earth Day 2020: Earth day is a global event organised to protect the environment and increase awareness about environmental protection.


Take our Earth Day quiz and find out! Let's go! It's time to take the Earth Day quiz... 1/9. Where is Earth? Third rock from the Sun. Sharp Left at the Gargax Nebulon. Inside Jupiter. Underneath Orion's belt. 2/9. What is Earth Day? A day for digging in your garden. An international celebration of worms.


Learn earth day with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 500 different sets of earth day flashcards on Quizlet.


Arbor Day, a sister of Earth Day, represents an effort to protect our natural resources. It was first celebrated on April 10, 1872, and around 1 million trees were planted in Nebraska that day. Nowadays, we generally celebrate Arbor Day on the last Friday of April.


Earth Day quiz (Source: Google) Google has rolled out another interactive game for users - this time, a quiz for Earth Day! The quiz asks a series of questions to determine what animal you are.


Here is the third twenty question quiz on objects in our solar system. This one is about Earth. What do you think you know about our planet? Average score for this quiz is 12 / 20. Difficulty: Average. Played 23,988 times. As of Nov 22 20.


Test your knowledge with these questions about Earth. ... If you like this quiz, ... Although technically this number changes every day, currently the Earth’s population is over 7.5 billion ...


Star Wars quiz questions and answers. Questions. What day of the year is known by fans as Star Wars Day? ... What percentage of the Earth’s surface is made up o the Atlantic Ocean? Answers.