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"Opposite Day" is not an officially recognized holiday. There are some references to "Opposite Day" being on January 25. Generally, "Opposite Day" is simply declared on any day, and it begins whenever the starter says so.


The length of days and nights are approximately 12 hours each in areas located on the equator. The equator is an imaginary line that runs around the Earth at 0 degrees latitude. It separates the planet into the North and South Hemispheres.


With an average of 2,000 active thunderstorms occurring at any given time, lightning strikes occur an average of 100 times a second. With an estimated 20 percent of strikes being cloud-to-ground, lightning hits the Earth approximately 432,000 times every day.


Labor Day occurs on the first Monday of September, regardless of the date. The first Labor Day was initially celebrated on a Tuesday, on Sept. 5, 1882, by a labor union in New York City. On June 28, 1894, Congress passed an act declaring Labor Day a national holiday.


Valentine's Day party game ideas include tossing heart-shaped bean bags into a bucket wrapped in red tissue paper or a relay race to pass Valentine's message from one person to the next. Partygoers may also enjoy a scavenger hunt to find love notes, red objects or heart-shaped eggs.


ESPN posts daily schedules for Major League Baseball that include the location, time and starting pitchers for every game. MLB.com also posts an online daily schedule users can sort by dates, individual team schedules and nationally broadcast games.


Veterans Day is an American federal holiday celebrated each year on November eleventh. The day honors those who have served in the United States military.


St. Patrick's Day game ideas include shamrock scramble, rainbow relay and leprechaun tag. These Irish-themed games provide active entertainment for children at St. Patrick's Day parties, according to About.com.


Lightning strikes reach the ground on Earth as much as 8 million times per day or 100 times per second, according to the National Severe Storms Laboratory. Out of all the lightning strikes in the world, the United States accounts for about 20 million of the total number of lightning strikes each yea


Squirrel Appreciation Day is on January 21 of every year. The first instance of this holiday was in 2001, and it was begun by Christy Hargove from Asheville, North Carolina.