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Some facts about early American history are that the English colonies weren't the first in North America, the settlement of Roanoke disappeared and the early settlers had a bloody history with the Native Americans. The American colonies were first divided into tobacco colonies, which consisted of Vi


Interesting facts in American history include a trial against tomatoes and the history of the Republican and Democratic party symbols. The leisurely life of Thomas Jefferson and his history of the hand shake also add to the intrigue that is oftentimes omitted from lessons taught in schools.


A history of street names in North America is available at Potifos.com. Besides providing a brief history of street names, the website also lists several books about street names in North American cities for future reference.


Some important African Americans from U.S. history include Booker T. Washington, Fredrick Douglass and Martin Luther King, Jr. Each man fought for civil rights and other African-American causes at various stages in American history.


Some of the most important events in American history include Christopher Columbus' voyage in 1492, the Jamestown establishment in 1607, the Pilgrims' arrival in 1620, the Boston Tea Party in 1773 and the American Revolution from 1775 to 1783 followed by the U.S. Constitution in 1787. While these ev


Some of the most common North American birds are the American robin, red-winged blackbird, dark-eyed junco, European starling and mallard. Some species are native to North America, whereas the European starling is a foreign bird that came to the United States in the 19th century and has since flouri


You can identify common birds of North America at WhatBird.com, Audubon.org and Feedingthe Birds.com. WhatBird.com allows a user to enter a bird name into a search box to access a color illustration with field marks, the bird’s range and habitat, songs and calls as well as interesting facts.


The American Heart Association (AHA) was started in 1924 by six cardiologists with the main goal being to combat stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Before the existence of the organization, heart disease patients completely gave up because of the absence of effective treatment, as stated by the AHA


The National Museum of African American History and Culture by the Smithsonian provides exhibits for learning about African-American culture. Additionally, the Library of Congress contains several historical documents for learning about African-American history. Slave narratives, like those by Frede


Old American history books are available at many online retailers such as Amazon.com, Abebooks and Half.com. Used book stores also sell old American history books.