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Some free full movie sites are Hulu, Moving Image Archive and Public Domain Torrents, as of March 2015. Sites that legally offer free movies may play advertisements during the movie or only host movies that are in the public domain.


At any time, there are thousands of free movies on YouTube, although typically they fall outside of the Hollywood norm. Notable movies available as of July 2015 include Orson Welles' "The Stranger" and Alfred Hitchcock's silent classics such as "The Ring."


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Viewers can watch free full-length movies online at IMDB.com, Hulu.com and the Internet Archive. All three sites stream movies, and the Internet Archive also lets users download them.


As of April 2015, the most popular sites for watching free full movies online are Crackle.com, Hulu.com, Popcornflix.com and Yidio.com. Of these options, Crackle provides the largest library of free content, supported by occasional advertisements.


Hulu and Crackle host free, full movies online. These are available through a computer browser and have a variety of movie categories for users to browse and search through, such as action, horror and comedy.


IMSDb.com, moviescriptsandscreenplays.com, and Simply Scripts all offer free movie scripts for people to read. The scripts are available to read online in HTML format, and many are also available for download in PDF format.


As of 2015, the entire “Titanic” film is unavailable for free legal streaming online. Amazon.com and VUDU.com provide the full-length film for digital purchase and rent. Amazon.com also provides its users the option to purchase the film on Blu-ray and DVD. MGO.com only provides the film for rent and


The are a number of online portals that offer movies for free, including Westerns, such as Crackle and Hulu. The Western titles that are available on these sites vary, although the majority of them are older movies, made many years ago.


Internet Archive has over 18,000 full-length movies, as of 2015, available to download legally. To access the collection, go to Archive.org, click on the Video icon and then Movies.