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The "religious reference" is intended to help the Eagle Scout Board of Review assess the Scout's suitability to become an Eagle Scout. The Board really doesn't have (or at least shouldn't have) a choice whether to accept a reference.


The Eagle Scout letter of recommendation is a letter that supports a Life Scout’s candidacy for Eagle Scout, the highest achievement in the Boy Scouting Program of the BSOA (Boy Scouts of America). Under section 2 of the Eagle Scout Rank Application, it states that each applicant seeking to join the ranks of Eagle Scout will be required to choose six (6) references (five (5) if the applicant ...


Self statement of religion requested for eagle scout? (self.atheisteaglescouts) submitted 6 ... so I read online that it was the responsibility of a parent to write a religious recommendation letter explaining how we practice at home. ... Right now it's looking like eagle scout is probably going to be the only thing that puts me over the edge ...


I believe that he is an eligible candidate for an Eagle Scout sincehe lives his life in accordance with the principles set by the Eagle Scout. Rest assured that the contents of this letter was kept strictly confidential and created for the eyes only of the members of the Eagle Scout Board of Review.


Eagle Scouts are expected to live up to the values and morals espoused in the Boy Scout oath and law. When an Eagle Scout applicant provides strong letters of recommendation, it supports their candidacy to become an Eagle Scout to the Eagle board of review.


An Eagle Scout candidate must also demonstrate that he lives by the principles of the Scout Oath, and Law in his daily life. Would you would be willing to provide a letter of recommendation on my behalf? I have enclosed, on the reverse side of this letter, a copy of the Scout Oath and Law for your reference in preparing the letter.


EAGLE SCOUT LETTERS OF REFERENCE According to the BSA’s Guide to Advancement, Section details the process and procedures for soliciting and securing letters of reference for the Eagle Scout rank, and how the Scout assists with this process without him being responsible for his recommenders’ follow-through.


The letters are designated for specific people (parents, teacher, religious leader, friend/employer). The “Confidential Inquiry Regarding Eagle Scout Candida te” – Page 2 must be included with the letters. Be sure to hand out the correct letter (including page 2) as you are asking people to complete the recommendation.


This young Boy Scout who stood out from the rest deserves recognition and award. This award can be the coveted eagle scout rank for Boy Scouts. If you know someone who you think deserves the recognition, sample letters can assist you in your recommendation. Free Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter


Example templates for this kind of letter have a lot of sample when you look at the internet, they are free to have and you can download them if you want to have your own copy. Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation marks a boy scouts deserving talents and passion in their duty in which they deserve to have the rank of eagle to perform their task ...