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Electrostatic filters use polypropylene and polyurethane materials that create static electricity when air particles pass through them. The static electricity attracts and traps the air particles in the filter.


An electrostatic series is a list of materials that are more likely to attract a negative charge when friction is applied to them. An electrostatic series is the negative part of a triboelectric series, which includes positive charges as well.


Electrostatic force, which is also called the Coulomb force or Coulomb interaction, is defined as the attraction or repulsion of different particles and materials based on their electrical charges. Electrostatic force is one of the most basic forms of forces used in the...


Electrostatic attraction is the phenomenon where a negatively charged atom or molecule is attracted to a positively charged atom or molecule. Electrostatic repulsion occurs between two atoms of the same charge.


Electrostatic equilibrium is a state achieved by charged conductors in which an electrical charge between two conductors is at the required distance to optimally reduce the repulsive charges within and below the surfaces of the conductors. A conductor is a material that...


Neundorfer, Inc., a provider of electrostatic precipitators, defines them as large, industrial emission-control units. The company goes on to state that the precipitators clean emissions by charging dust particles and then depositing them on a collection device.


Changing an air filter is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few minutes if the proper materials are available. In order to change your air filter, you need access to your air conditioning unit and a new air filter.