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A duty cycle or power cycle is the fraction of one period in which a signal or system is active. Duty cycle is commonly expressed as a percentage or a ratio. A period is the time it takes for a signal to complete an on-and-off cycle. As a formula, a duty cycle (%) may be expressed as: = × %


What does the term "duty cycle" mean? Duty cycle is a welding equipment specification which defines the number of minutes, within a 10 minute period, during which a given welder can safely produce a particular welding current.. For example, a 150 amp. welder with a 30% duty cycle must be "rested" for at least 7 minutes after 3 minutes of continuous welding.

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Freebase (4.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition: Duty cycle. A duty cycle is the percent of time that an entity spends in an active state as a fraction of the total time under consideration. The term is often used pertaining to electrical devices, e.g., switching power supplies.


Duty cycle is the proportion of time during which a component, device, or system is operated. The duty cycle can be expressed as a ratio or as a percentage. Suppose a disk drive operates for 1 second, then is shut off for 99 seconds, then is run for 1 second again, and so on.


What Is "Duty Cycle" On An Air Compressor? Duty Cycle is a term that is used (related to air compressors) that tells you how long the compressor is rated to run for versus how long it should rest and an overall gauge for how "heavy duty" the motor is (in general).


For instance, during a 10 minute period, the ProMTS's 30 percent duty cycle means you can weld for 3 to 3-1/2 minutes at 200 amps (its maximum amperage), and then the machine needs to cool down ...


Duty cycle of 50% means that the low time and high time of the signal is same. Change of duty cycle is basic fundamental behind PWM. Serach for Duty cycle or PWM in google you will find lot of information about it.


Basically Duty cycle is the ratio of the ON time to total time (ON + OFF). which varies from 0 to 1. Duty cycle of laser beam is that when the laser is in ON and OFF state with input signal. this output of laser on basis of its state represented by square waveform with high as ON and low as OFF.


The Duty Cycle. A printer's rated duty cycle is simply a measure of how many pages it could turn out in a month. That number might be as low as 5,000 pages for a basic home printer, or hundreds of thousands for a business machine.


Duty cycle is not an industry definition While the compressed air industry has many standards that manufacturers adhere to, there is not an official definition for the duty cycle of a compressor. This lack of definition can create confusion, and operators may end up purchasing expensive compressors that do not meet their expectations or needs.