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DuraCeramic is available in several different patterns and colors to provide the appearance of wood, porcelain and stone. DuraCeramic is installed much like traditional tiles, although the material is flexible and easier to work with as grouting is optional. Although DuraCeramic offers several advantages, it also has some problems.


Congoleum reviews: Staining and excessive chipping and nicking. DuraCeramic is not durable. No one responds to request for care info via their website. Durastone Flooring. Didn't last 5 years!!!! Installed in new home Fall of 2007. Duraceramic nosing.


My brother and his wife are remodeling their kitchen, and they've taken the time to carefully investigate all the different options including flooring. I was really curious when they began talking about DuraCeramic for the kitchen floor. It's a relatively new product, and I wanted to know how it compared to a more 'traditional' choice like ceramic tile.


Dan, I have not had any problems with chipping on the Duraceramic and I have laid well over 4000 feet of it now...Durastone (also by Congoleum) is an entirely different matter, however. That stuff was indeed crap, and chipping was a huge problem with it. I thought they discontinued it though.


Then I remembered that the manufacturer, Congoleum, has a limited lifetime warranty on DuraCeramic. Unfortunately, trying to get them to honor that warranty was an exercise in futility. I didn’t just get a bad batch of flooring. Lots of other people are reporting the same issues with DuraCeramic and also with Congoleum.


There seems to be a nation wide problem with the sealer since they changed their wear layer. There is no way to put it on as thin a line as is needed in order not to flake off. They assure us that it remains in the joint though and so seals the floor despite the flaking of the surface.


Have been trying to resolve a problem with the Duraceramic flooring. The corners of many of the tiles have chipped off, leaving white chip marks. After weeks of trying, finally got someone on the phone who did send me a complaint report to fill out and return along...


Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Is it tile or is it vinyl? At a first glance of DuraCeramic tile flooring, it can be difficult to tell. When looking at a faux-tile floor, this is a good problem to have. DuraCeramic offers a wide variety of patterns and grout color choices to satisfy even the most color-coordinated … DuraCeramic Tile Flooring Review Read More »


DuraCeramic: The Luxury Ceramic Alternative. DuraCeramic is inspired by nature and designed for your life. DuraCeramic floors are strikingly realistic and extremely practical with all the benefits of modern technology and innovation. DuraCeramic comes in two size formats, Origins in 16” x 16” and Dimensions in 12” x 24”.


Congoleum advertises Duraceramic flooring to be a better version of linoleum flooring because it's mixed with limestone. They claim it resists chipping and flaking and is backed by a limited ...