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DuraCeramic: DuraCeramic is a Congoleum flooring which has been designed to look like ceramic. It is basically a cross between ceramic flooring and vinyl flooring which aims to provide the same warmth and comfort as provided by ceramic tile. ... Thus, ceramic tile and DuraCeramic tile have their own pros and cons. Since DuraCeramic is a newer ...


Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Is it tile or is it vinyl? At a first glance of DuraCeramic tile flooring, it can be difficult to tell. When looking at a faux-tile floor, this is a good problem to have. DuraCeramic offers a wide variety of patterns and grout color choices to satisfy even the most color-coordinated … DuraCeramic Tile Flooring Review Read More »


" Pros and Cons of Linoleum Flooring " I have owned my synthetic flooring for the 9 years that I have lived in my home. It came with the house when I had it built. I like the fact that it matches the wall-to-wall carpeting in my home and that it is preferable on my kitchen and bathroom floors. It is easy to clean and has a nice shine after ...


DuraCeramic is not designed to replace ceramic tile. However, it defines a category of flooring called HPF, High Performance Flooring Tile. DuraCeramic is a stronger engineered floor when compared to many resilient flooring and is designed to handle the abuse of most lifestyles.


The pros and cons of DuraCeramic flooring and is it appropriate as a bathroom and kitchen flooring product. Kitchen Updates Updated Kitchen Kitchen Ideas Home Improvement Projects Home Projects Kitchen Flooring Remodeling Kitchen Remodel Tile Floor. More information. Saved by. Mark Donovan. 8.


What are the pros and cons of Congoleum Duraceramic? I am thinking about buying this product. + 7. vote up Answer by ... Pros- a nice product line and a good warranty with a qualified installation. Cons-installation can be tricky; cost is comparable to tile and hardwood without increasing the home's value.


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DuraCeramic: The Luxury Ceramic Alternative. DuraCeramic is inspired by nature and designed for your life. DuraCeramic floors are strikingly realistic and extremely practical with all the benefits of modern technology and innovation. DuraCeramic comes in two size formats, Origins in 16” x 16” and Dimensions in 12” x 24”.


A short review of my experience with congoleum's con job.. This product is not durable!! Especially if you want it for your kitchen, maybe it would last if you dont have moving furniture and wear ...


Mannington Adura vs. Armstrong Alterna vs. Congoleum Duraceramic Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by herman2manny, May 17, 2013. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. prvolunteer Member. right we realize that, pros and cons to both, just looking at cost, if a 12 " porcelain tile cost $1.80 and Armstrong Alterna cost $3.60 sq ft. how much are ...