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Duquesne Light offers a number of convenient options to pay your electric bill including automated payments, one-time payments, online payments and more.


To ensure your Duquesne Light payment is received on time it is recommended that you mail your payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date shown on your monthly billing statement. Pay on the Go: Duquesne Light Mobile Payments is a new mobile app that lets you make bill payments on the go.


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please let me be clear. if you have the choice, do not (absolutely do not!!!!!) use duquesne light company! this is not a one time issue, its a company issue. save yourself the phone bill, if you want to speak to someone with an attitude, call your teenager.


Payment assistance plans are offered and can be negotiated. One of them is the Universal Services Program. It provides the struggling Duquesne Light customer with additional time to pay their bill. The resource can help those in need gain access to affordable energy and financial aid.


You can also use Western Union Speedpay to pay by credit card, but there is an extra $2.50 fee. By Mail: Send your payment to the following address: Duquesne Light Co., Payment Processing Center, Pittsburgh, PA 15267-0001; By Phone: You can pay by phone using Western Union Speedpay for an extra $2.50 fee.


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Duquesne Light Ebill Center, in partnership with Fiserv, is pleased to bring you the convenience of online bill payment. When you sign up to pay bills from Duquesne Light Ebill Center online, you'll be enrolling in the CheckFree Payment Network - with the ability to securely "click to pay" all your electronic bills (e-bills) anywhere you see the red CheckFree payment button.




Only one payment can be made on a DLC Account at one time, although you can make payments on other DLC Accounts. Once a payment is credited to your DLC Account, another payment can be made to that DLC Account. DLC does not charge for the SP Service. The 'Recurring Payment' Service ("RP")