According to Connected Lines, chairs and other furniture in the Duncan Phyfe style have carved or reeded legs, and neoclassical motifs. There is some variation in individual design, but the style is considered by some ar... More »

Duncan Phyfe furniture is sturdy; the finely crafted pieces include Grecian scroll-designed pier tables that easily support large, heavy marble table tops. Duncan Phyfe built furniture in the early 1800s using durable wo... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Duncan Phyfe, originally Duncan Fife, was a Scottish-born cabinetmaker and furniture designer. He was a leading advocate for the Neoclassical style of furniture and one of the most distinguished cabinetmakers of the 19th... More » Home & Garden Antiques

No retail chains carry furniture explicitly done in the style of Duncan Phyfe. Considered an accomplished craftsman of the late 18th Century, original pieces done by Phyfe are considered antiques, and they can run upward... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating

One way to identify a Duncan Phyfe table is by looking at the legs. The legs of many Duncan Phyfe style tables have saber legs that flare out from a pedestal or from stretchers. They often have paw feet that can be made ... More »

As of 2015, contemporary style dining chairs are available from All Modern, YLiving, and Eurway Modern Home and Office. These companies all have websites that display their contemporary chairs and other furniture product... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating

A rocking chair cushion set should fit the style and size of the chair comfortably, be constructed of multi-layered durable filler or stuffing, match or complement the materials and decor in the room, and include arm pad... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating