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To find DUI checkpoints, drivers should be aware that they are generally set up by police along frequently traveled highways, busy intersections and in heavily populated neighborhoods or apartment complexes. They are particularly used during holidays known for alcohol abuse, such as July 4th and Mem


According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), there is not an official list detailing the locations of sobriety checkpoints. However, many precincts opt to publicize checkpoint locations and times to act as a deterrent, based on a study conducted by the U.S. National Institutes of He


DUI checkpoints are constitutionally allowed despite their intrusion on individual liberties, according to a FindLaw article. The Supreme Court decided the issue in 1990 in the case of Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz. The Supreme Court has left the decision to use DUI checkpoints to the state


Lists of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department codes are available on websites such as L.A. Taco and Radio Reference. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department operates a 480 system that uses more than 60 repeater sites, most of them located on relay communications and hilltops.


The Los Angeles County Fire Department is led by Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby as of 2015. The department is one of the largest in the country and serves over 4 million residents and commercial customers across 58 cities, covering over 2,000 square miles.


Public records are free to be accessed by anyone who makes a formal request for them through the Los Angeles Police Department's Discovery Section. Provide all relevant details about the record in question to facilitate locating the records.


As of 2015, you can visit HR.LACounty.gov to view current government job openings in Los Angeles County, California. Job openings constantly change, but common job listings include Public Health Microbiologist, Senior Typist-Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Locksmith and Custodian.


Navigate to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Information Center, enter the inmate’s last and first name, then click Search, as of November 2015. To limit the search results, also enter the inmate’s middle name and/or date of birth.


A DUI is a crime committed by a driver of an automobile who is operating that motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to FindLaw. DUI is an acronym for driving while under the influence. In some states, the acronym is DWI.


The Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts reads residential water meters monthly during the year. Billing follows the meter reading, and current rules and regulations are easily viewed on their webpage at DPW.LACounty.gov, as of August 2015.