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DTC Member Directories This section provides the listings of participants alphabetically by name and number for The Depository Trust Company (DTC). Use of most services provided by the regulated DTCC subsidiaries generally require membership in that subsidiary.


To find a particular bank's Depository Trust Company number, access the DTC member directory on the DTCC website. Access the numbers at no charge, filtering the results alphabetically or numerically. Find a list of settling banks and depository facilities through the same online directory.


ID Net Firms must be NSCC Members eligible for CNS processing as well as Participants in DTC. ID Net Banks must be DTC Participants. All agent ID numbers associated with a given ID Net Bank are included for processing. A subscriber to the ID Net Service must submit an ID Net subscriber form to both DTC and NSCC in order to become an ID Net ...


The Depository Trust Company (DTC) is one of the world's largest securities depositories. Founded in 1973 and based in New York City, the DTC is organized as a limited purpose trust company and ...


3 The mandated fields for this purpose are the transaction control number, DTC receiver and deliverer account number, CUSIP, message type, share quantity, market type, buy-sell indicator, broker ID, ID agent internal account number, broker internal account number, agent bank ID, settlement amount, origination entity, recipient of message ...


The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is an American post-trade financial services company providing clearing and settlement services to the financial markets. It performs the exchange of securities on behalf of buyers and sellers and functions as a central securities depository by providing central custody of securities.


number participant account name dtc particpant report (numerical sort) month ending - february 28, 2019. ... wells fargo bank, n.a. issuing/paying agent 1540: ubs ag, stamford branch/ipa account 1541: the bank of new york mellon/ipa ... bank of america/lasalle bank na/ipa, dtc #1581 1582: bmo harris bank na/ipa 1584:


Create DVP/RVP Instructions. ... Enter your broker's Agent Bank ID number in the DTC institutional delivery system. up to 16 characters: Firm ID: Enter your institution ID number in the DTC institutional delivery system. up to 16 characters: Account ID: Enter your account ID at your prime or clearing broker.


Next, DTC adds the transaction to the ID system's trade database, assigns an ID control number, and forwards an electronic confirmation to the institution, the broker-dealer, the institution's settlement agent, and other interested parties (e.g., trustees, plan administrators, or correspondent banks) (step 4 of Figure 1). The institution ...


STATE IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION States marked with an asterisk have additional information provided at the end of this section. STATE FEDERAL TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO REGISTER STOCK TO Alabama #63-6045055 Alabama State Treasury State of Alabama State Treasurer DTC instructions can be downloaded from