People suffering from dry socket need to visit a dentist to have the empty tooth socket cleaned and packed with a special dressing to prevent infection. Some patients might also receive painkillers or antibiotics, notes ... More »

Home remedies for treating dry socket include rinses with peroxide, salt water and lemon juice, compresses of cold tea bags or gauze-soaked with clove oil, and pastes made of salt turmeric and mustard oil. Peroxide and s... More »

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A dry socket is usually treated by a dentist or oral surgeon, who places special medicated gauze in the socket and prescribes an antibiotic. Pain medication may also be recommended. Dry socket is a painful inflammation i... More »

If you develop dry socket after the dental extraction of a permanent adult tooth, the pain generally starts three to four days after the tooth is removed. The most common complication after tooth extraction, especially a... More » Health Dental

Common symptoms of a dental dry socket include pain typically two days after a tooth has been pulled and a dry-looking opening where the tooth was located, according to WebMD. Additional symptoms of a dry socket may incl... More »

Symptoms of dry socket include pain that develops a couple of days after a tooth extraction, a whitish opening instead of a blood clot and an unpleasant taste and smell in the mouth, according to WebMD. Pain may radiate ... More »