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Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection that can be dangerous, but it’s almost always curable. Learn what medications are used for each type of the disease.


Treatment of Drug-Susceptible Tuberculosis external icon Clinical Infectious Disease 2016. Table 3. Doses of Antituberculosis Drugs for Adults and Children external icon Note: this table is an except from Treatment of Drug-Susceptible Tuberculosis external icon and cites supporting information available in the complete guidelines.


For active tuberculosis, you must take antibiotics for at least six to nine months. The exact drugs and length of treatment depend on your age, overall health, possible drug resistance and the infection's location in the body. Most common TB drugs. If you have latent tuberculosis, you may need to take only one or two types of TB drug.


Of the first-line drugs, rifampicin is also the most expensive, and in the poorest countries, regimens omitting rifampicin are therefore often used. Rifampicin is the most potent sterilising drug available for the treatment of tuberculosis and all treatment regimens that omit rifampicin are significantly longer than the standard regimen.


The treatment probably won’t work if only one or two of the TB drugs are taken, or if the treatment is interrupted or stopped early. This is because the TB bacteria develop resistance to the TB drugs. The patient is then still ill, and to be cured they then have to take drugs for the treatment of drug resistant TB.


Treatment for tuberculosis (TB) usually involves taking antibiotics for several months. While TB is a serious condition that can be fatal if left untreated, deaths are rare if treatment is completed. Most people do not need to be admitted to hospital during treatment. Pulmonary TB


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Several links for information on TB treatment, including guidance for treatment in specific populations. Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Drugs Used to Treat Tuberculosis, Active. The following list of medications are in some way related to, or used in the treatment of this condition.


TB treatment usually involves the patient with TB taking a combination of different TB drugs.Now that drugs are available surgery is rarely used as treatment for TB.If the correct drugs are taken for the entire duration of treatment, then they will for most patients provide a cure for TB.In many countries there will be a cost for TB treatment, even if the TB drugs themselves are free.