When the Check Engine light on a car is illuminated, it indicates the onboard diagnostic computer has detected a problem with the vehicle's emission system. The problem is due to a variety of conditions, ranging from a l... More »

Clear a check engine light by disconnecting the battery cables and turning on the headlights to drain all of the electricity from the system. This makes the vehicle's computer perform a hard reset and extinguishes the ch... More »

A check engine light code is a code pulled from an on-board diagnostics scanner that determines the source of the problem in a vehicle. A local auto part store, auto repair shop or resources online can help locate the pr... More »

A blinking check engine light means that the onboard diagnostic system detected a problem with the engine. A blinking light, rather than a steady light, often indicates a serious engine misfire. A driver with a blinking ... More »

While the most common oxygen sensor problem is the sensor itself failing, several other problems can cause a fault code in the onboard diagnostic computer that points to the sensor, including loose vacuum hoses and loose... More »

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Common car engine problems include the engine failing to start, the Service Engine light appearing as a result of a fault detected in the emission, and overheating as a result of low levels of coolant. Other common cause... More »

To remove a car engine, disconnect the battery, drain the coolant, remove the radiator, disconnect the steering pump, detach the exhaust system, and remove the carburetor before lifting up the engine with a crane. Settin... More »

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