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Can drinking windex kill you? Can drinking windex kill me? Will drinking windex kill you? More questions. What poison like windex mixed with a soda or drink could kill someone? Is it bad if i drink windex? Answer Questions. What would be your take on a person who walks by and caughs in your ear?


What Happens If You Drink Windex? MedlinePlus states that drinking large amounts of Windex leads to window cleaner poisoning. A few of the common symptoms experienced after ingesting Windex or any glass cleaner include throat swelling, difficulty breathing, and abdominal pain.


Windex contains Ammonia-D and Alcohol, which do kill some bacteria, but not to the degree that Windex can claim to be a disenfectant cleaner. Windex does specifically make a disinfecting version ...


will it kill you fast or do you die slowly?what happens?(just curious) ... What poison like windex mixed with a soda or drink could kill someone? Is it bad if i drink windex? Answer Questions. What drug could I have consumed? Am i using my crutches wrong? Can 8 people kill you if they jumped you at once?


Depends on the thing you are drinking. Obviously, drinking things like lemonade or water won't kill you. But seriously. Drinking a bit of wine won't do that much harm to your lifespan, but in mass ...


listen up kidies, this is a long one. first, you must purloin the innocent letter mrs. miller sent to mr.jefferson, and then you blackmail her. threaten to make it seem as though she was having an affair. when you get her to meet you and bring the money, shoot her quickly, and, wearing gloves, take the body, letter, and money, and pin it in mr. jefferson's car.


You can poison yourself with water: drink over a gallon in an hour and you’ll be irritable, drowsy, suffering from a headache, and behaving strangely. If you consume another three quarters of a gallon in that hour, your nervous system will shut down. (Editor's note: Our biz dev guy nearly died doing this when he was a dumb teenager.)


Every bottle of toxic household chemicals, including bleach, drain cleaner, furniture polish, and window cleaner, comes with a prominent warning: DO NOT DRINK.Clearly, if you should decide to drink a bottle of Drano, untold horrors will be visited upon you. But what would those horrors entail, exactly?


You know that familiar blue window cleanser that we all grew up using? Well, it can do lot more than just clean windows. Whether you're looking to bust stains or zap bugs, Windex might just be the ...