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Eight Exceptions to the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) of 21 II. State-by-State Guide to Underage Alcohol Consumption Laws and Exceptions ... or alcoholic beverages by minors shall apply to any minor in the home of his parents or guardian or to any such beverage used for religious ceremonies or purposes so long as such beverage was legally ...


But New York's actual underage drinking statute makes an explicit exception for drinking with parents: "A person under the age of twenty-one years may possess any alcoholic beverage with intent to ...


Many of these laws hold parents responsible for serving or furnishing alcohol to minors and any alcohol-related injuries that result from it. Parents in California and other states with strict rules on underage drinking have been arrested for drunken teen parties. Hey, New York parents: it's happened to your people, too.


Letting the kids drink is a tough subject for parents: To give a tipple or not?


“Childhood drinking is foremost a health issue. Many well-intentioned parents think that supplying alcohol for their child to drink at home may teach them how to ‘drink responsibly’ and might prevent them from drinking elsewhere.


Parents can face serious consequences as a result of their minor children’s drinking. Furnishing liquor in a public place (with few exceptions) is a criminal offense everywhere. And in certain situations, parents can be held responsible when an inebriated child causes property damage or personal injuries. This article gives you the basics on ...


Among parents, there is a debate about letting their underage children drink alcohol at home. Some think it’s safer for kids to drink at home in a secure environment. Others believe that offering sips makes alcohol appear less alluring, and teaches kids to drink responsibly. They often point to Europe as an example of how alcohol can be normalized at a young age, supposedly


Alcohol Laws by State . Share this page. ... or in the parent or guardian’s home.) No state has an exception that permits anyone other than a family member to provide alcohol to a minor on private property. In addition, many states have laws that provide that “social hosts” are responsible for underage drinking events on property they own ...


If a parent doesn’t drink themselves, they can still provide alcohol education using other people’s drinking habits as a stimulus – either out of the home or on TV.” To track the units of alcohol and calories your drinking, try using the Drinkaware: Track and Calculate Units app for free. References


Parents, Children, and Drinking Alcohol at Home. Many parents intuitively recognize what has long been understood by Italians, Greeks, French, Spaniards, Portuguese, Jews and many others around the world -- that drinking at home with parents is the best way to learn how to drink in moderation and avoid alcohol-related problems.