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As of September 2014, there are three sovereign nations in the world whose names begin with the letter "R." They are Romania, Russia and Rwanda. There is also a French territory in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar that goes by the name of Reunion Island.


Some drinks that start with the letter "e" are eggnog, egg cream, eau de vie, espresso and Eskimo punch. Alcoholic mixed drinks that start with "e" include the East Indies Sling and Embassy Royal.


Some alcoholic drinks that start with the letter "M" are margarita, martini and mojito. Non-alcoholic drinks that begin with the letter "M" include Mountain Dew, Mug Root Beer, Monster Energy and Minute Maid.


Foods that start with the letter "R" are raspberries, Roquefort cheese, raisins and radishes. Other foods that begin with the letter "R" are radiccio, rabbit and rambutans.


Alcoholic drinks that start with the letter "B" range from common ones, such as beer and brandy, to more complex cocktails, such as a black unicorn and a burning cherry. A great way to try out new cocktails is to pick out a few at a time that start with a specific letter.


Radius, rectum, retina, ribs, red blood cells, rotator cuff, ribcage, rectus abdominis, rhomboids, and rectus femoris are all body parts that start with the letter "R." Two major body systems, reproductive and respiratory systems, also start with the letter R. Some body parts have informal names or


R&R in blood testing stands for repeatability and reproducibility, and it refers to the accuracy or inaccuracy with which a blood test method behaves when executed under different situations, according to ASTM International. R&R is a means to assess any test method, not exclusively blood tests.


The term "R-squared," or the coefficient of determination, explains the percent of variance away from a dependent variable and is expressed as a percentage between 0 and 100. An R-squared value explains how data fits a statistical set of numbers, sometimes expressed on a graph as a line or curve sur


Puppies can start drinking water when they are approximately 3 weeks old. Before this, puppies survive on the nourishment provided by their mother.


The Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning notes that R-3 zoning is for a limited use multiple family residence, such as a small apartment building. The lot size required is at least 5,000 square feet, and each unit must have at least 1452 square feet.