Part the hair in sections and make parts wet at the back. Apply copious amounts of gel on the section which will first receive the first dreadlock and place it in one hand, making a 'T' configuration and wrap the section... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Gather single ended dreadlocks, a needle, thread and scissors. Cut the single ender off the weft and overlap the ends of your natural hair with the extension. Leaving a loop of thread, push the needle through the extensi... More »

Beauty technicians apply permanent eyelash extensions by adding one synthetic lash extension to each individual eyelash. They use a medical-grade glue to ensure that the synthetic lashes firmly adhere to existing lashes. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyelashes

Good hair extensions for fine hair include clip-in extensions, micro-links extensions,tape-in extensions, braided weft extensions and fusion hair extensions. These extensions give a long natural look to thin hair. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Some wholesale hair products include color and bleach, extensions, care and styling, ethic hair care, brushes and combs, scissors and razors, and other accessories. Wholesale hair products are typically available only to... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Hair extensions are blended with natural hair to add fullness and length. Hair extensions can be installed using various methods, including sew-in, tape-in and fusion. Installation and maintenance costs vary among differ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To stretch natural hair, shampoo and condition it, apply a heat protectant spray, separate the hair into sections, blow dry the sections, and apply coconut oil. This 90-minute process requires moisturizing shampoo, condi... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair