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To make butterfly wings for a child, you shape hangers into the proper shape, cover them with trash bags, and decorate. Start with four wire hangers, scissors, black trash bags, double-sided tape and black adhesive felt. Add white and gold office dots, orange felt, and ...


A butterfly has four wings, or two sets of wings. Butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera, which also includes moths and skippers. When not in use, butterfly wings fold together in a vertical fashion.


Butterflies are usually represented with their wings extended, so drawing a butterfly requires drawing two mirroring halves. To draw a butterfly, start with the basic outline, and then add the details. The project requires paper and a pencil with an eraser. Colored penc...


Find free drawings of butterflies at All-Free-Download.com, GraphicsFactory.com and ButterflyWebsite.com. Search through black and white, colorful, and graphic butterfly drawings at All-FreeDownload.com. This website sorts each butterfly drawing by popularity and date a...


Drawing angel wings doesn't need to be a daunting artistic task. Follow these basic, easy steps to create beautiful angel wings in just a few minutes.


To draw angel wings, start by looking over pictures of paintings featuring angel wings to get an idea of their appearance. The necessary supplies are paper, a pencil, an eraser and an additional 2B pencil to complete your drawing.


Lizards, snakes and toads are a few animals that eat butterflies, according to the TheButterflySite. Frogs eat butterflies as well, and monkeys and rats are two animals in the mammal category that consume butterflies. Humans also eat butterflies as a delicacy in Africa,...