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To draw a basic flower, start with the center, add petals radiating out, sketch the stem and leaves, and color if desired. Drawing a flower takes roughly five minutes and requires paper, a pencil and an eraser. Colored pencils are optional.


Drawing anime, or Japanese animation, relies on the same fundamental concepts as drawing Western cartoons or realistic figure drawing, such as proportion, perspective and shading. Because anime is an umbrella term, there is no single style to learn how to draw. However,...


Drawspace.com offers free online lessons for beginner artists on everything from shading texture to portraits to cartoons. Artyfactory.com is another free online resource that offers a wide variety of free online drawing lessons for people with no previous art experienc...


Beginners searching for tutorials on how to draw dragons should look at DragonArt and How to Draw. Both of these websites provide several simple, step-by-step tutorials with images to help novices learn to draw dragons.


Some types of flowers that are easy to draw include petal flowers, carnations, gerbera, puffs and sunflowers. Tutorials are available on DrawingStep.com, Craftsy and My-How-To-Draw.com.


Choose a real-life flower or a photo of a flower you would like to use for the tattoo. To begin the drawing, you need basic art equipment and Internet access. Learn to draw a basic version of that flower by searching online for instructions or quick drawing lessons.


Tips for beginning runners include getting properly fitted for shoes by visiting a local running store and joining a running group. Many running stores help customers by providing in-depth gait analysis to ensure a properly fitting shoe, and running with a group helps w...