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How to draw contour lines manually? You can easily generate contour lines with the click of a button in CAD or GIS software. But what if you want to draw it by-hand? First, you have to choose a contour interval. For example, we’re going to use a contour interval of 10 meters. So this means that there will be a contour every 10 meters.


1. Show students map images and introduce the activity. Display the images of topographic, or contour, maps. Make sure students understand that contour maps, though 2-dimensional, use contour lines to show elevation above sea level. Point out the flattest and steepest areas on the Crater Lake map.


Topographic Profiles •Generating profiles: •Draw a line between the two points bounding the desired profile area. •Place a folded sheet of paper along the line. •Mark each contour line intersecting the paper. •From each mark, indicate the vertical height with a dot on a scale. •Connect the height dots with a smooth line.


on the existing tributaries. On line H the contour lines bend toward Hurricane Creek. 12. The contour lines are depression contours, closed contours with hatch marks. 13. The land between K and L would be higher than 250 ft because closed contour lines without hatch marks indicate high points. 14.


To make topographic maps easier to read, every fifth contour line is an index contour. Because it's impractical to mark the elevation of every contour line on the map, the index contour lines are the only ones labeled. The index contours are a darker or wider brown line in comparison to the regular contour lines.


Topo maps just look like a children's drawing if you don't know what contour lines are. The thin brown lines snaking around a topographic map are called contour lines. All points along the same contour line are at the same elevation above sea level. Think of a contour line as a closed loop. By ...


5. Contouring By Hand. ... Contours should never stop in the middle of a map; How does your finished map compare with the one I drew below? Figure 7.6.5 Finished map. ... Use the procedure outlined in this chapter to draw contour lines that represent the terrain surface that the spot elevations were sampled from. You may find this to be a ...


The following list provides some guidelines for effectively constructing a topographic profile and uses the topographic map and profile line provided to the left (you can download a pdf of the map and profile to work from (Acrobat (PDF) 2.3MB Jul18 11)): Sketch in the line on the map or locate the line that is provided.