Download YouTube videos as MP3 files by using online resources such as, and, as of June 2015. These resources convert the videos into MP3 files. More » Technology Internet & Networking

You can download karaoke videos from YouTube by using an online video downloading tool such as those found on,, or, as of 2015. Enter the URL of the vide... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To legally download a song from YouTube and burn it to a CD, either the song must be in the public domain or the artist must have granted permission for the song to be duplicated. In order to burn a CD, you need to conve... More »

Songs from YouTube can be converted to MP3 files and then transferred to an MP3 player using a converter such as Many of these services are free and do not require a software download. More »

Ways to convert YouTube videos to MP3 are available both online and offline. As of May 2015, some websites that allow users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 include, and More » Technology Audio Equipment

As of October 2013, it is legal to rip MP3 files from a YouTube video, according to Digital Trends. Streaming services, such as Google and Spotify, have fought to restrict apps and sites that offer audio-ripping services... More »

To convert an audio file in MP3 format to the AAC format that the iTunes Store and iPods use by default, download and install Any Audio Converter, add the MP3 files, select the AAC format as the output solution, and star... More » Technology Audio Equipment