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The major free downloads from YouTube are its player apps for mobile devices using the iOS and Android operating systems used by many smartphones and tablets, including the iPad. YouTube also offers free players for the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii game consoles, as well as many


The official YouTube application is available for free in the App Store for iPhones, in the Google Play Store for Android phones and in the Microsoft Store for Windows phones. To download it, go to your phone's app store, search for the YouTube app, and download it for free.


Download applications by searching the Internet for applications or using the appropriate application store for your device. Windows Store, Apple App Store and Google Play Store are three application stores that enable the users to download applications to Windows, iOS and Android devices, respectiv


Users with laptops running Windows 8 or 8.1 can download free apps from the Windows Store. Click Store on the Start screen of the laptop and sign in using your Microsoft account. Browse the various categories in the Store to find free apps. To download a specific free app, enter the name of the app


The YouTube app is available free of charge on the iTunes AppStore and GooglePlay, as of 2015. The newest version of the App Store app is optimized for the iPhone 6.


YouTube is owned by Google, and according to Google's terms of service in section 5.1, a user is only allowed to view YouTube content on the site. Google does not allow users to download content because the company makes money from advertisers for each page "hit."


Music and videos from YouTube can be downloaded by means of websites and utilities, such as Savefrom. However, while technically legal, downloading material from YouTube is a direct contravention of their terms of service.


The premium version of YouTube Downloader no longer exists, so a user does not need an activation code for the program. The program is available for download for free. The owners of the software no longer charge for premium features.


Download YouTube videos as MP3 files by using online resources such as ClipConverter.cc, YouTube-MP3.org and MP3Fiber.com, as of June 2015. These resources convert the videos into MP3 files.


It is possible to download funny YouTube videos by using third party websites or browser extensions. Most of these sites are legal and free to use but may sacrifice some audio or video quality during the download.