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To download Pokemon games, connect the 3DS or Wii U system to the Internet and search for “Pokemon” in the eShop application. Alternately, visit Nintendo.com and purchase a download code in order to download Pokemon games from Nintendo. Most of the Pokemon games Nintendo offers for download are only


Download full PC games for free at Download.com, Softonic.com and SteamPowered.com. The three sites categorize games by genre, each game has ratings and user reviews.


Play the online version of “Pokemon Silver” on websites that offer online emulation, such as PlayR.com. This website features an online emulator that lets people play GameBoy games without having to download anything. Also available on this site are other Pokemon games such as “Pokemon Red.”


TV shows available on iTunes are full versions. They are available for download and online streaming at a price. The pricing varies depending on the shows and formats, and customers can purchase individual episodes or complete seasons. Customers can choose between HD and SD formats.


The online version of PC Magazine may be read at PCMag.com. The print edition of PC Magazine ceased publication in 2009, but new issues of the online edition may still be read as of 2015.


Where files go after downloading depends on your Internet browser and whether you select to save or run the file. Most Internet browsers save downloaded files to a Downloads folder, but you may have the option to save it in a different location.


Download the full version of the original "Frogger" for free from the Softonic website. Go to the website, and click on the free download button at the top of the page. Softonic also has a description of the game and reviews by users and the Softonic editorial team.


The Pokémon National Pokédex contains a total of 719 Pokémon as of 2014. This total includes all Pokémon and their evolutions from Generation I through Generation VI. The total number of Pokémon needed to complete any particular Pokédex depends on which generation game is being played.


The full version of "Happy Wheels" is not available for download. "Happy Wheels" is a browser game, not a downloadable game. The free downloadable version for iPhone and iPad devices is available from the iTunes Store, but does not contain the full game.


Pokemon bedding is available for full-sized beds and is for sale online through a variety of retailers. A few specific retailers offering Pokemon bedding as of September 2015 are Toys "R" Us, Amazon.com, Hot Topic and Walmart. Each retailer may charge a different price.