In order to download Java for Pogo games go to and find a game that requires Java. Instead of the game a "Java is not installed" message will appear. Click on the blue link near the message to visit Java's offic... More » Technology Computer Programming

The Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 51 is outdated, but users can download the latest available update from It is important to download the most up-to-date format, which includes security and bug fixes. More »

As of 2015, Java 1.7 version 45 can be downloaded from the Java SE Archive Downloads page on the Oracle website. An individual must have a free Oracle account to download the Java Development Kit or the Java Runtime envi... More » Technology Computer Programming

Java is an object-oriented, cross-platform programming language used by many applications and websites. In order to execute Java files, the Java Runtime Environment must be installed on the device being used. This softwa... More » Technology Computer Programming

In the Java programming language, a Map is an object that connects keys to values. It works like a mathematical function, so each key can only link to one value, and each key must be unique. More » Technology Computer Programming

The needs of the computer user determines if Java must be installed on a PC. If you are a casual Internet user, not having Java installed is unlikely to be an issue. More » Technology Computer Programming

The command sleep() is used in Java to pause the execution of a thread, executed by typing "sleep()", with a number inside the parentheses. The number represent the length of the pause. Threads are one of the mechanisms ... More » Technology Computer Programming