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The plot of "Grand Theft Auto V" centers on three playable characters who are career criminals. After a bank heist, the three are drawn into committing crimes for rogue government agents.


As of October 2015, "Grand Theft Auto V" is not legally available to download for free. The game is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.


There are free downloads of the "Grand Theft Auto III" video game available online. Mobogenie.com offers a free download for mobile devices. FreeNoob.com makes a free copy of the PC version available for download. FullyPCGames.net also offers a free download of the PC v...


A computer may get infected by a computer virus through email, instant messaging and by downloading audio, videos and computer programs and games just like the Grand Theft Auto 5. The virus programs are often disguised as a legitimate program or are hidden within the co...


Websites such as GameFAQS.com, CheatCC.com, and GTA5Cheats.com all publish cheats for ?Grand Theft Auto 5.? The websites post charts describing the various cheats and provide users with codes to enter during the game to active the cheats.


Grand Theft Auto V has a release date of Nov. 18, 2014, for PlayStation 4 consoles. The same release date is also given for the Xbox One version of the game. GTA V is also confirmed for PC with a release date of Jan. 27, 2015.


Contrary to popular rumor, there is no hidden code that makes a tsunami hit Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. However, an unofficial fan mod allows you to explore a partially submerged Los Santos in a submarine.