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Finding the right deodorant for sensitive skin can be a real challenge but luckily, we have a solution. Meet Dove 0% Aluminum Sensitive Deodorant for sensitive skin. Like the name suggests, it's an aluminum-free deodorant made especially for people with sensitive skin that can be easily irritated.


Dove has long been a brand that’s been known for creating wonderful products that are gentle on sensitive skin, and their line of deodorants continue this exciting trend. Although this company initially started out making products for use only by women, they have since expanded their product line, and they now produce exceptional products that […]


Plus, as someone with sensitive skin, I can be really particular about deodorant — but this one isn’t at all irritating, and leaves me feeling amazing all day long.”


For excellent results, use Dove Sensitive Skin Antiperspirant Deodorant on clean, dry underarm skin after showering or bathing. Swipe the Dove Invisible Solid Sensitive Antiperspirant Deodorant stick up and down each underarm two to three times until an even layer is applied. Get noticeably softer smoother underarms after just days of use.


Symptoms may include itchiness, raised skin bumps or a red rash. The allergic reaction may be to one of the many ingredients found in Dove's products, including its fragrances. You may opt for a Dove antiperspirant specifically labeled for sensitive skin to see if you react more favorably to such specialized products.


Dove Pure Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant has been specially formulated for people with sensitive underarm skin, just like you. When it comes to sensitive skin, the best antiperspirant deodorant is one that only contains essential ingredients needed to keep you feeling fresh and dry, and that's exactly what Dove Pure Roll-on Antiperspirant ...


Dove Sensitive Anti-Per spirant Deodorant is also fragrance and alcohol free. helping to reduce the risk of skin irritation. It's hypoallergenic, dermatologically-tested, and has no colorants. What more could you ask for in an antiperspirant deodorant for sensitive skin? Box Contains. 1 x Dove Ap Sensitive Deodorant Spray, 250 ml (Pack of 3)


Some children — especially those with sensitive skin — may get an atopic or allergic rash using deodorant, says Dr. Lisa Lewis, a pediatrician in Fort Worth, Texas. For this reason, both Lewis ...


The Best Gentle Deodorant for Men with Sensitive Skin Native unscented natural deodorant If your skin reacts negatively to a deodorant, it might be a result of the product’s ingredients.


Both traditional and natural deodorants may cause irritation for people with sensitive skin. Some ingredients may even cause symptoms like stinging, redness, rash, or itching. Read about four common deodorant ingredients that can irritate your skin. 1. Baking soda Baking soda is in some of the most popular ingredients natural deodorant brands. It can also cause uncomfortable armpit rashes due ...