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David writes that he recently installed a double sink but it gurgles and backs up. It is 10 feet away from the plumbing stack and goes through a garbarator. What did he do wrong? When you attach a large double sink on a long horizontal run, the drain pipe will tend to fill up with water very quickly.


double sink gurgles! I recently replaced my single sink vanity with a double sink vanity. The P trap is in the center and now when you run one sink you can heat gurgling noises from the other one. Never had a double sink before, is this normal? Thanks, Ben Remove Advertisements.


That gurgling sound in your sink means there is an issue with the air in the drain pipes. Air normally is supplied through the vents, so either the vents are blocked, or they weren't correctly ...


Gurgling sounds from a sink drain have a different cause than similar sounds coming from the faucet, but in either case, it's air that is making the sounds, and the air shouldn't be there. If a faucet is gurgling, and you're on a well, and it could mean something is wrong with the pressure tank or the well itself.


I recently began to notice a gurgling sound in one side of my double kitchen sink whenever water is sent down the drain on either side. The water drains normally so I don't think the drain is plugged. I do think that the vent pipe might be plugged but am not sure how to clear it.


Gurgles coming from multiple drains generally happen for different reasons than single-drain gurgles, so figuring out which you have will help tell you what the problem is. If the gurgling only comes from one drain: Either that appliance’s drain is partially clogged or blocked, or that appliance’s vent isn’t working properly.


Double-sink clog. Double-sinks in kitchens are often prone to gurgling problems. That’s because the drain that connects the two sinks can get clogged and pull air from one side to the other, causing a loud gurgle. What should I do if my drains are gurgling? Gurgling drains should never be ignored.


If a sink is gurgling after the toilet flushes, there’s probably a good chance the drain is not ventilated properly. 2. Replace whatever pipe fitting is at the drain past the P trap with a T ...


Dealing With a Gurgling Drain. If you hear your drain making gurgling noises several moments after using the sink, shower, and in more extreme cases the toilet, then it may be a result of a blocked drain or vent pipe; in extreme cases a collapsed or damaged pipe can cause gurgling too.


Certain plumbing problems can be heard, like the gurgling sound coming from a sink. H ere is the path that I took to discover why I heard a gulping noise from a sink in a house that I was inspecting. We first start on the roof.