Double number line diagrams are best used when the quantities have ... Unit rates involve the expression: “Per something” which means “for each something”.


Sal uses double number lines to visualize equivalent ratios and describe a ratio relationship between two ... Practice: Ratios with tape diagrams ... then, i divided the ratio by 10 leaving me with 1:1.8 meaning that, 1 pound of avocados = $1.80.


Double number line diagrams help students more easily “see” that there are many ... Use double number line diagrams to solve ratio problems. ... Can you explain the meaning of the pairs of numbers that line up on the double number line?


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Double number lines can help make visible that there are many, even ... As a class, we discuss why a tape diagram could not be the visual model for this ...


Jan 14, 2016 ... "Double, or dual, number lines are an ideal "visual model" for solving mathematical ... Prove it by drawing a double number line diagram. (3.


At this point in the unit, students should have a strong sense of what it means for two ratios to be equivalent, so they can fill in a table of equivalent ratios with ...