U.S. Department of Transportation regulations for trucks include maximum driving time per driver, limits on truck sizes and weights, and cargo securement rules, according to the DOT. All DOT requirements apply to motor c... More »

The United States Department of Transportation requires commercial truck drivers to have a state-issued Commercial Driver's License and a medical examination at least every 24 months. State CDL requirements vary. More »

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The new Department of Transportation regulations won't affect the average American by much except in potentially reducing accidents caused by commercial drivers. The DOT regulations aim to reduce truck driver fatigue by ... More »

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The Department of Transportation issues extensive regulations through administration agencies to ensure the U.S. transportation system is safe, secure and efficient, according to the DOT. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety... More »

Rules for drivers putting information into a driver's log book includes: all hours must be logged accurately on a grid, driving limits of 60 hours in seven days, 10 hours off between shifts and a 34 hours required rest o... More »

Federal regulations do not require a specific location on semi-trucks for placement of the periodic inspection sticker or decal, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the U.S. Department of Tran... More »

State law determines regulations for operating a tow truck, and therefore regulations vary by state, notes AWDirect. For example, in Massachusetts various jurisdictions may set the maximum amount a tow truck operator is ... More »

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