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dorsal recumbent position position of patient on the back, with lower limbs flexed and rotated outward; used in vaginal examination, application of obstetrical forceps, and other procedures. See illustration.


Dorsal Recumbent Position. first of the two positions recommended for DRE. Lithotomy Position. in this position make sure hips are on very edge of exam table, used for gynecological purposes such as pap smear. Sims Position. second recommended position for DRE. Prone Position.


As opposed dorsal recumbent position, where the legs are bent and knees pointed straight up in the air with feet flat on the bed. A pillow can be put under the head to elevate the neck. The is used to examine different parts of body. This position allows the thoracic, peritoneal, and pericardial regions of the body.


medical examination positions. STUDY. PLAY. ... Used for posture and movements. Dorsal recumbent position. Used for digital vaginal or rectal exams. Gown is opened in the front. both feet should be flat on the table, knees flexed. Horizontal recumbent/Supine position. Used to exams of breasts/abdominal organs/hemmoroids. Lying flat on the table ...


Dorsal Recumbent position In dorsal recumbent position, the patient lie down on bed with knees bended and feet are flat on the surface of bed along with face looking upward. In this position, the examination of pelvic region becomes easy. The word dorsal means back side of body.


Dorsal Recumbent Position. Patient is on his back with knees flexed and soles of feet flat on the bed. Fold sheet once across the chest. Fold a second sheet crosswise over the thighs and legs so that genital area is easily exposed. Figure 1-2. Dorsal recumbent position. Fowler's Position. Used to promote drainage or ease breathing.


Recumbent means lying back or lying down, or resting or leaning against something. Back lying position, the client's head and shoulders are slightly elevated on a small pillow and is used to ...


The dorsal recumbent position of the patient is a position in which the person lies on his back on the table in the examination room. His knees are bent with his feet flat on the table but also rotated outward. The dorsal recumbent position is primarily utilized in doctoral examination for a vaginal examination.


In dorsal recumbent position or back-lying position, the client’s head and shoulders are slightly elevated on a small pillow. This position provides comfort and facilitates healing following certain surgeries and anesthetics. Supine or Dorsal position. Supine is a back-lying position similar to dorsal recumbent but the head and shoulders are ...


BODY POSITIONS FOR PHYSICAL EXAM . Horizontal Recumbent Position. Used for most physical examinations. Patient is on his back with legs extended. Arms may be above the head, alongside the body or folded on the chest. Dorsal Recumbent Position. Patient is on his back with knees flexed and soles of feet flat on the bed. Fowler's Position.