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Opening a locked door with a coat hanger requires creating a loop or hook at the end of the hanger, feeding it through the window, and either unlocking the interior locking mechanism or pressing the unlock button, usually found on the door. This technique will only work...


Magnetic wreath hangers and removable adhesive hooks are good for using on glass doors. However, many magnetic wreath hangers are designed for use on a single pane of glass and may not be effective on double-pane or insulated glass doors.


To make your own free printable door hanger, use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Open a door hanger template, and edit it to suit your content and preferences. Then, save the file for future use, and print the door hangers when you are ready.


Replacing cabinet or cupboard doors involves removing the existing doors, frames and hardware while leaving the cabinet boxes as they are. New doors are then installed using either new or existing hardware. Door replacement typically requires only a few basic tools and ...


A kitchen is a room that is used for cooking and preparing food. Kitchens are usually located in personal homes, restaurants and other public areas that regularly serve food.


When painting kitchen cabinet doors, choose the right paint. Paint used for walls is not suitable because it chips and doesn’t stand up to cleaning. Choose an alkyd enamel paint such as Sherwin-Williams ProClassic or Benjamin Moore Advance that withstands dings and chip...


Some decorative wall plate hangers offered on the website TouchOfClass.com as of 2016 include the Vina Bella plate rack set, the Layla black bronze finish metal plate rack, the Poetic Motion vertical plate rack, the Regal decorative plate display rack and the Gala horiz...