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You can buy temporary "donut" spare tires directly from Ford or other automakers' official parts departments, from tire manufacturers such as Goodyear, or from retailers that sell several brands, such as Tire Rack. You need to know the proper size and bolt pattern for y...


"Donut" tires, commonly known as spares, are intended to be driven for no more than 70 miles. They are supposed to only be used under emergency situations, as they tend to have less than the recommended tread depth of normal tires.


Manufacturers suggest that donut tires, or compact spares, be driven no faster than 50 miles per hour. In addition, they recommend these tires only be used for short trips and a total distance of 50 miles.


Tire size charts can be found on websites specializing in tire sales and information, such as Tire Size Conversion, TireSizesChart.com, TireRack.com, CariD and Discount Tires. Tire sites typically have a calculator allowing users to convert tire sizes from metric to inc...


To read a tire size chart, note the letters at the start of the size line, such as P for passenger vehicle, LT for light truck, ST for special trailer, T for temporary vehicle or C for commercial vehicle. The next numbers represent the width of the tire in millimeters.


The numbers on a tire size chart refer to the width of the tire, the aspect ratio between the height of the sidewall in proportion to the width of the tire, and the size of the wheel. These numbers are essential for fitting tires on vehicles correctly.


As of 2015, tire size charts are available to view online at Tire-Size-Conversion.com. This website also provides helpful information to decipher the meanings of the letters and numbers found on a tire.