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Donnie was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on October 10, 1952. As the only child of evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and his wife Frances, Donnie was named after his father’s late brother—who had passed away as a baby. Donnie Swaggart married his wife Debbie and the couple had three children together: Gabriel, Matthew, and Jennifer.


Donnie has had three (3) wives… and only two (2) of them were Debbie! In fact, the prevailing circumstances revolving around Donnie’s second marriage to Debbie indicate that it was all for show but not for love… which is a very good reason that Debbie’s never seen with Donnie!


Donnie Swaggart is a married man who has been enjoying his marital life with wife Debbie Swaggart. The husband and wife were divorced in 2004, but re-married after he divorced his second wife called Judy. Donnie is a father of three children, two sons and a daughter, who are all grown and well-settled in their professional life.


Just to keep the facts straight, donnie divorced his wife Debbie in 2003. He married his second wife Judy in 2005. Frances had them come forward during a Sunday service, Donnie introduced his new wife and stated his "new role" in the church would be to end his travels and concentrate on serving as the pastor making himself available for the local congregation. he divorced Judy several mo...


Yes Donnie divorced first wife and married a woman who had been married 5 times or so. He has recently remarried his first wife. The Swaggarts DO live extravagant life styles and it is NOT from music sales. They live on a 20acre landscaped estate on some of the most expensive real estate in Baton Rouge.


By way of explaining recent events, Swaggart said that on Oct. 11--the day after the 39th anniversary of his marriage to his wife, Frances--he had borrowed a car, driven down a country road in ...


On the Houston, Texas television talk show "Frances and Friends," Donnie Swaggart, Jimmy and his wife Francis' only son, hosted a panel discussion "dedicated to discussing the controversy that had erupted in Houston, Texas, after the mayor's office subpoenaed sermons and other materials from a handful of pastors as part of a lawsuit anti-gay ...


Second Opinion. Subscriptions. Manage Subscription ... Frances, their only son, Donnie, and Donnie’s wife, Debra. ... which was completed in 1984. Donnie Swaggart and his wife similarly borrowed ...


Marriage & Divorce. Jill Tavelman and Phill Collins marry each other in the year 1984, though Phill Collins had previously divorced his first wife, who is Andrea Bertorelli, and that makes Jill the second wife; unfortunately, after 12 years of marriage, the two couple divorced in 1996.


Tara Montpetit was born on May 10, 1981, to parents, Perry and Lollie Pitchlyn. Her father, Perry is an army veteran and has also been an Adjunct Instructor at Kankakee Community College.; Originally from Pembroke Township, Illinois, Tara moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in her adult life and started working as a vocalist at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.