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In February 1979. The band (including Keith and Donna) made a unanimous decision that the Godchauxs should leave the band at a meeting that took place shortly after the band's difficult mid-Winter...


A state judge refused Tuesday to disturb a jury’s award of $2.8 million-plus to several investors who claimed a Jimmy Swaggart Ministries-run church backpedaled on a pre-Hurricane Katrina land deal


Join us online for our Sunday Evening Service with Associate Pastor ... Loren Larson at 6:00PM CST. This service is an encore presentation of Brother Larson’s "Just Jesus" that aired October 20, 2019, in the Family Worship Center sanctuary.


BJ was very warm and welcoming,” close friend Donna Carline recalled, “It was a blessing to sing beside someone I admired.” When God called her to leave in 2012, it was hard for her to break the news to her long growing church family. However, after ignoring God’s voice on the matter, she knew it was time.


Martha added her vocals to Jimmy Swaggart’s 1997 gospel album, I Met The Master. Her daughter Sissy Borg also works for the Sonlife Broadcasting Network. Martha also sings as part of the Family Worship Center Ladies Ensemble, together with Jill Swaggart, Grace Larson, and Donna Carline.


This Site Might Help You. RE: Why did the good singers leave Jimmy Swaggart Ministry? I'm not talking about the horrible singers they have today in their church, but singers like John Starnes, Fred Johnson, Dudley Smith, Janet Paschal they all made a wonderful sound alongside with Brother Swaggart.


Whenever the name of Jimmy Swaggart is mentioned, it conjures up immediately the happenings that shocked the [Pentecostal and Charismatic] world. The man who so convincingly and with much conviction and emotion preached about and against the sin of ‘pornography’ during the latter part of the 1980’s. Yet behind all this, and from the public eye [in secret] the good Reverend himself was ...


Tara Montpetit was born on May 10, 1981, to parents, Perry and Lollie Pitchlyn. Her father, Perry is an army veteran and has also been an Adjunct Instructor at Kankakee Community College.; Originally from Pembroke Township, Illinois, Tara moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in her adult life and started working as a vocalist at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.


A week after the group meeting with Frances and Robin's cryptic statement, Allison got a phone call and was read a memo over the phone by Nikki Tracy that she had been terminated from JSM. I was fired by association with no explanation. Allison was five months pregnant at this time, we had no idea what we would do for money.