The website Easy Donation Forms offers a free comprehensive online tool that allows users to build custom donation forms based on a variety of templates. The Wufoo Form Gallery and 123 Contact Form both offer simple onli... More » Business & Finance has fifteen donation letter types. Not only does this site provide templates, it has a step by step process that collects data and incorporates it into the body of the letter. By clicking on each type of dona... More » Education Writing

A template for a letter to thank people and organizations for their donations can be found at the Microsoft Office website. As this source notes, a letter of this kind serves two purposes: It serves to convey gratitude t... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Business Communications

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The LoveToKnow website contains templates related to sample donation letters. Four donation request templates are available through the website, and all have a different format and purpose. More »

Form Stack and Lewis Music Library are some of the websites that provide sample donation forms. These websites provide templates that visitors can use to create their own donation forms. More » Business & Finance

Standard donation receipt forms include the donor's name, the receiving organization, whether or not the donor received anything in return, and the donation's date, type and value. The acknowledgement also includes the o... More » Business & Finance