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The term "guy wire" is derived from the word "guy," which means a rope or wire used to guide or steady an object being hoisted or lowered into position. It comes from the Old French word "guier," meaning "to guide."


Eric the Car Guy is an automotive technician in Cincinnati, Ohio, who posts videos about car repair to YouTube, according to his official website. He also offers advice, explains QBD codes, provides manuals and recommends tools on his website.


While it's commonly assumed that teenage boys only think about sex, research has shown that teenage boys also think about serious relationships and value respect from their romantic partner. Research also suggests that teenage boys have issues with trust from their romantic partners.


Choosing a good gift to buy for a guy at Christmas will depend on who he is and what the relationship is, according to Good Housekeeping. If the guy is a friend or family member, then the gift will probably be a more personal gift than if he is a co-worker. If he's a significant other, then the gift


Gifts.com offers a list of gift ideas for teenage guys based on personality types that include the geek, the athlete, the achiever and the activist. Gift ideas for the teenage guy that is a geek in personality include gaming systems, laser projection keyboard and smart phones.


The "Family Guy" online game has been shut down and is no longer playable, as of November 2015. The game was a massive multiplayer online role-playing game based on the TV show, "Family Guy". Fox offers an alternative mobile game called "Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff."


To know if a guy is flirting, look for a smile, a confident body stance, eye contact and special treatment compared to how he treats other women. In addition, a man that is flirting remembers what the woman says and finds ways to ask about the woman's relationship status.


In the 2015 season of "The Bachelor," the star bachelor made his decision through discussions with his family. Over a two-hour finale, the first half was spent with the bachelor visiting family and gathering advice on his final decision.


Mighty Guy 3 is already available for game players on the Much Games website. The game has a 3.77 star rating and has been graded by over 130 players.


Flattering hair styles for men with big noses include long and messy, full and parted to side, or bangs that are swept away from the head. Hair styles with a lot of volume can create the illusion that a large nose is proportional to the face.