A dolphin's slimmer body, beak-like nose and curved fins distinguish it from the porpoise's stout build, rounded face and triangular fins, according to the National Ocean Service. Although they are different species, dol... More »

Dolphins are in the same taxonomic classification as whales and porpoises, which is the "cetacean" classification. Cetaceans are animals that are mammals that live in water their whole life. More »

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A group of porpoises can be called a pod, school, herd or turmoil. Porpoises are social animals and typically live in small groups of 10 or fewer members. More »

Shark School notes that rays and sharks have many of the same basic body parts. Several of the differences between sharks and rays concern the differing shape and function of similar body parts. More »

Male lobsters possess a pair of bony swimmerets close to the body, while females have only feathery swimmerets. The females also have a rectangular sperm receptacle on the underside of the tail, between the second pair o... More »

A male dolphin is known as a "bull," a female dolphin is known as a "cow," and a baby is known as a "calf." Though male and female dolphins do appear strikingly similar, males are noticeably larger. More »

The common porpoise, also known as the harbor porpoise, lives throughout the temperate coastal waters of the Northern Hemisphere. The porpoise prefers shallower waters and is most common in bays and harbors. More »